Camp Life

I’ve been at camp for over five weeks now, and I can hardly believe it. I’ve been extremely busy, and the days are long, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of camp. I can’t believe that we only have three weeks left! Here’s a glimpse into my life via my iPhone over the past five weeks!

This is the view from the dining hall. Not too shabby if you ask me.
Let me introduce you to the camp divas.
My roommate, Mary Leslie (affectionately known as ML), for the summer. She’s the best.
Divas go camping for the second (and last) time of the summer!
I LOVE this sweet girl, and I love that camp is full of so many sweet families!
Just a book and a view…by the way, you should all check out the book Melissa by Frank Page, my former pastor. It was wonderful!
Cookout with the sweet ACITs one night! (ACITs are our Assistant Counselors in Training, and I’m one of their supervisors for the summer.)
One of the other ACIT supervisors and I made them some Fourth of July cupcakes!
Some of the Senior Staff women and the Full Staff women on Fourth of July!
My parents came up for a visit one weekend!
The staff spent the day here on the day after the Fourth. It was bliss.

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