when at camp…

…you tend to forget you have a blog. Internet isn’t always available, and when it is, the blog world isn’t my first go to. That being said, I do want to update a couple of times this summer because I still reread my updates from Australia, and I’m glad I have those!

So, when at camp…

…you eat a lot of food that you don’t normally eat and you may have to get meds from the camp nurse to be able to settle your stomach properly (TMI?! oh well)

…you sympathize and empathize with the fellow staff member who fell and broke her ankle. True story. (Please keep her in your prayers. She had to have surgery on Saturday night.)

…you get really excited about having the rest of staff here after only having 20 or so staff here for a week because the place just comes alive with more and more people.

…you get caught in the rain. A lot.

…you enjoy the thirty or so minutes every other day or so that you get to head off property because it’s quiet and sometimes you need the quiet.

…you hate the thirty or so minutes you get to go off property because you always manage to miss something while you’re gone.

…you camp out and eat hot dogs that were cooked on a stick that you found on the ground.

…you get one day to sleep in. And by sleeping in I mean sleeping until 8 am.

…you make yourself look like a fool in front of a ton of staff on a regular basis (sometimes planned, sometimes unplanned).

…you thank the Lord every single day that He blessed you with the privilege of being in such a special place for the summer and you cannot wait for the adventures He has planned!!


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