a year.

It was a year ago Sunday that I took off from LAX on that really loooooooong flight and headed to Australia! I can barely believe that it has been a year. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was being shocked by how expensive shampoo was or by how often someone asked me if I wanted a cuppa. I miss that place more than words can say, but again I’m so grateful for Facebook and Skype!

And….exciting news…one of the sweet families from Oz are coming to Florida in August and I get to see them! I’m THRILLED!

Day 2 (I think?!?) in the country at the beautiful Wollongong City Beach, New South Wales
Fourth of July in the Outback!
(Christa, on the left, and her family are the ones coming to FL in August!)
A beautiful shot of property on Mill Valley Ranch, a camp just a few kilometers outside of Pakenham
Some of my favorites! And congrats to Jarrod and Ang (the two in between me and Maggie) who just got married! Wish I could’ve been there!

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