I’m finally on Spring Break. FINALLY. One of the pros/cons about living in Augusta is that you have spring break during Masters Week. While this is all fine and dandy if you rent your house out for the week, it stinks when you’re a college student and you haven’t had a break since MLK day in January. After seeing ALL of my high school friends come home during their spring breaks or Easter weekend, I was so ready for mine! And it’s finally here. Here’s a little recap on the past couple of weeks…

This sweet boy turned TWO two weeks ago. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I headed to the hospital on a Saturday morning to meet this little guy. We got together and celebrated him + big brother Jack (whose birthday is two weeks after Joe’s) last week. I sure do love those sweet boys.
My dad and I picked up a mattress and box spring for a friend the other day. We shoved that thing in my car to shut the door. That resulted in us having to pull our seats forward and be jammed in the car. This picture doesn’t show the situation completely, but it was quite hilarious.
We also celebrated my dad’s birthday during Easter weekend. Happy Birthday to the best dad out there!!
This describes springtime in Augusta perfectly! It’s officially Masters week. More than likely, I won’t head to the beautiful greens this week and watch any golf there, but I will soak up every minute of this break. I’ll be working a lot, hanging out with some fabulous new-ish friends, cleaning my house, and doing some DIY pinterest-inspired projects. I cannot wait!
Happy April, friends! Enjoy the beautiful weather before it gets TOO hot.

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