…I am…

Reading: Secrets Over Sweet Tea, a novel by Denise Hildreth Jones, one of my favorite authors, books for class, and Glorious Ruin by Tullian Tchividjian.

Listening to: Campfire by Rend Collective Experiment (literally OBSESSED with this album) and some old school John Mayer album my dad got at a yard sale and gave to me, like circa 2001 old school (I don’t even think I knew John Mayer existed then).

Eating/Drinking: Panera Smokehouse Turkey Paninis–by far my favorite go to meal; Naked Juice Berry Blast and Red Machine–I 100% give credit to my old boss, Grant, for introducing me to these fantastic drinks. LOVE them.

Cooking: Baked chicken and canned vegetables. Real creative, I know.

Running: Every now and then, shooting for at least once a week. Running is by far my least favorite exercise, but I’m trying to like it. Key word there, trying.

Writing: Extra credit papers for class, toying with a little piece of fiction, and dreaming about writing a book with my four best friends. 

Feeling: Anxious for spring break and this summer!

Wearing: Jeans and t-shirts or athletic shorts and t-shirts complete with Chacos and hats. #collegelife

Missing: Australia and my best friends. What else is new? (BUTTTTTT, the fab five managed to all be in AUG this past weekend, and we grabbed breakfast together. SCORE.)

Wanting: To feel like I’m doing a good job at balancing my studies, work, social, and spiritual life. 

Learning: How hard self-discipline is, and that the rewards of being a disciplined person are worth it, even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment.

Enjoying: Making As on tests that I study my butt off for and this gorgeous spring weather!


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