A Big Deal

“I didn’t think it was this big of a deal,” she said to me, after the shock of the surprise started to wear off. “I mean, you guys must have driven all night. That’s crazy.”

It was a big deal, I reassured her. And the driving didn’t matter to us. We would’ve driven longer if we had to. It was a big deal, and we wanted to be there.

During all the wedding festivities on Saturday, I didn’t pay much attention to my phone. I kept it on me to keep up with the time so that I’d lead the bridal party to the back of the church on time, and so that we could get Drew and Alli out of the reception on time. At one point, I saw I had a message from my birth dad’s (BD) wife, but of course I didn’t look at it. After everything was over with the wedding, I headed home, and I hadn’t even changed clothes when I sprawled out on the sofa, ready to catch up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I hopped on FB first, and that’s when I read it.

My BD and his wife got saved!!!! Something I’d been praying about for almost four years. Before I even met either one of them. My friends, my family members, and coaches and teachers from high school have all prayed about this. There were plenty of times when I thought I’d never see the day that it would happen, but God is gracious, and I did get to see it.

On Sunday, they got baptized, and I wanted to be there. My mom had something at church she couldn’t miss, so about 40 minutes after my dad and I found out, we were in the car, headed to Huntsville. I was already SO tired from the whole wedding weekend, but I was also SO excited that we’d get to see this! We pulled into Huntsville around midnight our time, checked into a hotel, got up early the next morning, and surprised the whole family. It was such a cool thing, and I will never forget that day!

After the service–where they got baptized AND joined the church!!!
And no trip to the great state of Alabama is complete without a meal at Momma Goldberg’s.
Almost exactly 24 hours later, we pulled back into Augusta, exhausted yet excited. What a perfect weekend. So grateful, and I can’t wait to see what the Lord does in my BD and his family!!!
Also, while I wasn’t driving, I read Karen Kingsbury’s latest novel. Of course, so good. Check out the trailer below. Side note: I totally get my love of reading from my dad. We both packed in about 20 minutes, and we both packed books to read while the other was driving. 

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