Miscellany Monday

1. I’m exhausted. Let’s just say working 25 hours instead of your scheduled 10 and having 3 midterms to study for and take over a span of 5 days is awful. Just awful. Add in a dentist appointment (which I actually enjoyed) and other things like eating, going to the gym, and laundry, made for a crazy hectic week last week. I’m so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning!

2. Have you heard of Rend Collective Experiment? I’d seen pictures of their latest album, Campfire, floating around Instagram, so when I saw their album was only $7.99 on iTunes, I decided to buy it. One of the best decisions I have ever made! I absolutely LOVE their album, and I really like “The Campfire Story” (below). I also saw that they will be in Asheville, at the Cove (which is basically on the same property as CCC), while I’ll be at camp!

3. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I see one of my cousins on campus. We recently started greeting each other with “Hey, cousin”. It makes me smile. A lot. #thelittlethings

4. I rented two good movies from Redbox this past weekend–Here Comes the Boom and Won’t Back Down. Here Comes the Boom was a really sweet story, and it was definitely a “feel-good” movie. So was Won’t Back Down. As a future educator, I was so inspired. I won’t give away the ending, because it’s really good, but watch the trailer. You’ll know then that you want to see it! Side note, the lady who is the voice of the mom in The Incredibles is in it, and it is quite odd to see her as a person, not a cartoon. 

5. So, I got a fish last Saturday, and it proceeded to die on Sunday night. I went and got a replacement fish on Monday, and that one died on Wednesday. I’m going tomorrow to get a third, and if this one doesn’t last, I’m throwing in the towel.

6. Drew and Alli are getting married THIS Saturday! I truly cannot believe that their wedding is finally here! It feels like just yesterday that they got engaged. I’m so excited for them, to get to play a part in their special day, and spend some time this weekend with some of my absolute favorite people.

Happy Monday!

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