Reason, Season, & Lifetime

I read a quote somewhere once that said, “Friends come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” I really liked it, and I tucked it back into my brain. Last week, I saw it again on a blog I read. So, on Sunday morning in our small group when we were talking about the next chapter of life for our seniors, I knew I had to share this little gem with them. They’re going through that hard phase of life that I remember going through just three years ago. Leaving everything you’ve known, embarking on something new, and the scariest part for me–saying goodbye to your best friends. As we discussed this topic, I couldn’t help but still think of that quote. And a few days later, I’m still thinking about it.
There are a handful of people you’re blessed with that manage to be your friends for a lifetime. While I’m only 21 and only 3 years out of high school, I would easily say that my 4 best friends from high school are some of them. They aren’t the only ones, but they are some amazing lifetime friends. We’ve truly been blessed to not just stay in touch since high school, but to still have genuine friendships. While they may not be the people I’m currently doing life with, they are the people who will be there for a lifetime.
These are the ones who you Snapchat at 4 in the morning just because you can. These are the ones who you have a group text with that never fails to make you laugh. These are the ones who cry with you for 3 hours in a hotel room in Gulf Shores, Alabama during your senior trip. These are the friends who celebrate special occasions with you.
The ones who you make time to see when they come in town. The ones who wear crazy hats with you (exhibit A: picture above). The ones who you sit on the curb with outside of Smoothie King just because you want to catch up (great memory for us, Chels). The ones who tell you look beautiful when you don’t feel like it but they know you need to hear that. The ones who stroll the aisles of Target with you pretty much every single time you hang out because they know it’s your favorite store.
These are the friends you made really good memories with, and you continue to do so. These are the friends who listen to all of your crazy life stories and then tell you their own crazy life stories. These are the friends who try to make you cooler by introducing you to the latest pop music because they know you wouldn’t listen to it on your own (MB, you’re the best at this). These are the friends who may not know the small details of what’s going on in your life now, but they know the big stuff–and that’s enough.
The ones who you wear jackets like your moms do with you (shown in the picture above which is one of my favorite pictures of us). The ones who never fail to make you laugh with their stories (Sarah’s the best one at this). The ones who will be the unofficial official aunts to your kids. The ones who know all of your dirty secrets and still choose to be your friends. The ones who choose to live with you even though they know you’re slightly OCD (thanks Hannah). The ones who love you despite your faults.
These are the friends who calm you down when you’re stressed. These are the friends who pick up ground beef on the way to a party because you forgot to get enough. These are the friends who embrace the things you love because they love you. These are the friends who you can be real with. These are the friends who make you life a billion times better just because they’re in it.
I’ve traveled quite a journey with these four, and I’m grateful that it’s really only just begun. I’m so blessed to have them in my life–for a lifetime. Hannah, Mary Beth, Chelsea, and Sarah, thank you for being my lifetime friends. I love you lots.

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