Valentine’s Day, A Countdown, and More

While I didn’t have a “valentine” to spend the day with, I did get to spend a good part of my morning with one of my favorite boys in the entire world–Joe! I typically don’t babysit just Joe. If anything, Jack and I will hang out alone while Joe naps. But this time it was just me and Joe, and I adored that time with him. He’s still got some baby characteristics that Jack has grown out of, so it was nice to just hang out with that little munchkin. We also made Valentine’s for Jack, Mom, and Dad (Casie and Graham), and I think he really did have a good time!

He really loved the foam heart stickers, and at one point they were all over his face and head.
So. Cute.
I may or may not have bribed him with candy to take this. No shame.
While I had to help him (he’s not even two), I was pretty proud of the way our cards turned out. It was also cute to see Jack’s face when he saw that Joe had made something for him 🙂
Just 100 days until this is my view for 8 weeks 🙂
I am SO excited about this summer and what God’s gonna do at CCC!
This girl turned 21. She’s great, and I’m so blessed by her friendship. Hope you had a fabulous birthday, Caroline 🙂 One of these days we’ll do something spontaneous together!!
If you’re like me and you watch Downton Abbey, you’re sad with the way it ended on Sunday night. (I actually watched the finale about three weeks ago, so I’ve been sad for a while). I don’t want to post the ending on here because my Aussie friends are still watching season 3. But, I hope you like this funny video!
I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Kid President. But, he has more than just that one. Watch this video to see more (so cute!).
And I know you’ve heard of Sweet Brown, but have you seen her latest video? She’s in a COMMERCIAL. Watch it below!

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