The month of January has come and is almost gone. This month flew by! Wasn’t it just Christmas yesterday? I’ve been busy working, going to class, and just other life things. As always, it’s so much easier to capture life these days with the iPhone, so here are some photos from the month of January.

Spent some time babysitting this sweet boy and his little sister. Love love love Harris and MK!
I’ve been working there for two months, and I set a store record. This sort of made my day 🙂
This is also sort of made my day. It’s not everyday Jon Acuff follows you on Twitter…and then I realized that he follows 57K people. Still pretty cool.
Want some good pizza? Go to Earth Fare. This was considered one slice, and it is SO good! (and better for you than some other places)
Some of my favorite Australian friends sent me a package!
And back of the beginning of the month, we had a wonderful New Year’s celebration at my house!
If you’ve never watched Parenthood, do yourself a favor and hop on board. Seasons 1-3 are on Netflix and 4 is on Hulu. I don’t know how I’ve been missing this great one for so long!
Happy Tuesday!

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