twenty one!

So, I had a birthday. I have to say I was quite excited about this one. Not because I was going to get wasted, but because saying you’re 21 sounds a lot older and cooler than anything else before. This is pretty much the last “big” birthday before it gets depressing, so I was thrilled. And let me just say, it was a good one. I was SPOILED by sweet friends, my parents, and other family members. I’ve been 21 for over a week now, and I still have two more birthday lunches to do. I’m so grateful for the people God’s put in my life; they are too good to me!
My two love languages are words of affirmation and gifts. So, getting these sweet texts/tweets/facebook posts from some of my favorite people was just wonderful. Especially the posts from my Aussie friends!
texts from my four best friends and two other sweet girls!
I mean, really. Love those Aussies. And Drew and Taylor.
A few more Aussies, my parents, and my BFF’s parents (basically my other set of parents).
The birthday celebrations started with dinner with my parents the night before.
Hello, self timer. 
Favorite gift? Why, yes. Thanks, Mom and Dad!
On my actual birthday, I went to breakfast with some of the seniors before they headed to Passion. I also went to dinner with my friend Caroline. It was a wonderful day!
The next day, Chelsea took me to get my nails done, and then her mom took us to lunch. Again, it was such a good time, and I felt loved!
Two days after my birthday, the five of us dressed up and went to dinner. I’m so thankful that these girls are still in my life, and I love them heaps!
love my BFF (and her awesome photo taking skills)
So glad she’s back in the AUG and that she watches Downton Abbey with me!
Also, what’s up with all of my hair in my neck/chest? I need a haircut. 
In case you didn’t get the memo, this girl’s getting married!
And so are Sarah and MB. haha
Do I not have the most gorgeous friends?
I mean, come on. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.
21, you’ve been nothing short of fantastic so far! I cannot wait to see all the fun things that come with your year!

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