Christmas Festivities!

As always, Christmas this year was wonderful. I love some of the sweet traditions I have–our Tacky Sweater Christmas party, the Christmas Eve service at WBC, getting a new ornament, a new pair of pajamas every Christmas Eve, and spending Christmas Eve with my sweet cousins. I also love the different things each Christmas brings–like exchanging gifts with my roommate, doing Christmasy things with Jack, and taking road trips with my small group girls. I love giving gifts, and I love getting gifts, but more than that, I love the quality time I get to spend with sweet friends and family during the Christmas season!

Jack and I made a Gingerbread Train one day.
It’s supposed to look like this…
butttttt ours turned out like this! Oh well 🙂 We still had a blast!
I took Jamie and Maggie to Athens one day, and we had such a good day shopping, exploring UGA’s campus, and eating some really good food. Even though it rained all day long, it was such a fun trip–just to spend time out of Augusta and with each other! Love these girls.
Probably one of my favorite pictures of Maggie and me EVER!
Dessert for this year’s Tacky Sweater Party…a Tacky Sweater Cake! I had fun making this with my parents, and even though I hate cake, I was glad to do it. Everyone loved it 🙂
And sweet MB made these cute Santa Hat Brownies. SO. GOOD.
I. Love. Chalkboard. Signs.
Almost everyone. Love these people!
Funny to think that I used to really dislike this girl five Christmases ago. So grateful for God’s grace and mercy and blessings! (Super sappy, I know!)
I miss my first roommate every day!
Ahhhh, love my BFF.
I’m now onto preparing and waiting for my 21st birthday! Say whatttt?!?! Hope you and yours had a fabulous Christmas and have a very happy new year!

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