Camp Break an Ankle

About two years ago, I headed up to Asheville, NC for the day with Caroline to interview at Camp Cedar Cliff for a summer camp counselor position for the following summer. I was nervous and anxious, yet I was thrilled at the opportunity to spend six weeks in beautiful Asheville during the summer of 2011. Two of my good friends were headed to camp that same summer, and when I got the call that I was going to be a camp counselor, I was so thrilled that the three of us would all be experiencing camp that summer (even if it was at three different camps). Well, we all know how my camp experience of 2011 ended, and if you don’t, you can read about it here (it’s too much to relive in a post again).

I can honestly say that I was NOT ready for camp that summer. The Lord knew exactly what He was doing by allowing me to break my ankle, and I look back on that time with a grateful heart. I can almost 100% guarantee that if I hadn’t broken my ankle, then I wouldn’t have gone to Australia, I wouldn’t have been on staff with the Student Ministry last year, and there are so many other things that wouldn’t have happened. Again, the Lord was so sovereign by removing me from camp that summer. He allowed me to go through a pretty rough summer to be able to enjoy other things that I never would’ve imagined. That summer prepared me for Australia and so many other things. Like always, what I planned didn’t happen, but the Lord is so good in having something greater in store for us.

During this past spring semester, I got a message from one of the full time staffers at camp. She offered me a position that I wanted SO badly, but I’d literally just sent my support letters out for Australia earlier that week. So, I turned her down with the intentions of getting in touch with her this fall for more information about the position for next summer. Around October of this year, I began thinking and praying some about summer 2013, so I contacted some CCC staff. A week later, I was filling out paperwork, and in late November, I found out that I was “unofficially officially wanted”. I decided to keep it sort of on the DL until I got my official letter, and I got that on Thursday. So, I’m officially going back to “Camp Break an Ankle” (as Drew calls it) this coming summer!

I’m going to be on senior staff, and my position is called “Office Assistant”. That’s sort of self-explanatory, but I also have a mentoring aspect to my position. I’ll be working with some of our younger staff, hanging out with them, planning events for their nights off, etc. I’m thrilled to be doing admin stuff–seriously one of my favorite things to do–and hang out with the younger staff and pour into them. The Lord is so good to allow me to serve at camp this way! I can’t wait for summer 2013!!!

It doesn’t hurt that this is going to be my view every single day 🙂

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