catch up!

The past few weeks have been FULL…not only with school and work but also with sweet friends, Christmas traditions, and much more. As always, it’s easier for pictures to show what’s going on. So, here we go…

Annual watching of The Santa Clause.
Love this sweet girl and lunch dates with her family!!
I’m pumped about Gus Malzahn coming back to Auburn. I’m really excited to see how he changes (and hopefully improves) the football program. War Eagle!
We love us some Steak ‘n Shake!!!
It was this sweet girl’s birthday the other day! Love my favorite Louisianan!
I made some sausage balls the other night. They weren’t as good as my Grandma’s though. Practice makes perfect, right? Eh, I hope so.
I ran into my Pastor on Sunday, and he said, “Hey, twitter friend! Thanks for the retweets.” He then went on to preach a WONDERFUL sermon on Sunday, and I replied to one of his tweets about it, and he replied to mine. I’m not gonna lie; it pretty much made my day.
Best Christmas gift from my sweet roommate! And yes, we decided to exchange them early because we couldn’t wait until Christmas.
Hope you’re having a fabulous Tuesday!

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