It’s Almost…

…Christmas Break!

Monday is my last day of classes, I have one final next Thursday, I take my last final next Monday (I literally am taking the last final the university is even giving), and then I’m on Christmas Break! I’m SO ready to be done!!

Things I’m looking forward to doing this Christmas Break…

  1. Sleeping in!
  2. The 4th Annual Tacky Sweater Christmas Party (I feel OLD).
  3. A day trip to Athens with some of my seniors!
  4. Spending time with my best friends.
  5. Turning 21 (what in the WORLDS?!?)
  6. Spending Christmas Eve with some of my favorite cousins.
  7. Using the Rosetta Stone my dad got me earlier this year to brush up on my French!
  8. Having time to CLEAN!
  9. Reading a few books.
  10. Making some homemade jam (does that sound like I’m 85 or what?).
  11. And just enjoying time off from school.
What are you looking forward to this Christmas season?

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