thanksgiving break (and the next week).

Thanksgiving Break was MUCH needed. Even though only one of my professors decided to cancel class, it was still a good week. I love weeks where I can spend time catching up with sweet friends and spending special time with my family. I got to see my four favorite best friends from high school, and I got to spend time with my sweet Auburn friend. It really was a good week.

The week was also spent…

…being grateful for these people…
…Black Friday shopping with the fam…
…and decorating the house for Christmas!!!
This week has also been FULL. I have one full week of classes left, a week of finals, and then I will be done for a little while. I’m so ready for a break!!!
You know you’re getting old when…
…new pillows and…
…a new shower curtain make you happy.
Thanks Kirkland’s for the employee discount day this week.
The “we unofficially officially want you” means exciting things for this summer! More details to come once it becomes “officially official” šŸ™‚
These have been blaring in my car pretty much everyday since November 1st. I’ve always been a big fan of Stephen Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith’s Christmas albums, but the Lady A and Hillsong ones have been blowing me away this season. Get them all!!
I’m a huge Duck Dynasty fan. It’s hilarious, and it’s clean. I love watching this family on Wednesday nights, and I can’t wait to read their book. I saw this video, and I was even more of a fan! Enjoy!
Have a fantastic last day of November!

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