Happy Thanksgiving, friends!
It’s not Thanksgiving for me if I don’t write out a list of the things I’m thankful for this year. So, here goes…
  • My sweet family, which is basically just my parents. I’m grateful that God gave me to them, for more than one reason, but especially for the fact that they put up my Christmas tree for me 🙂
  • My best friends. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I’m so glad that they are the ones I get to do life with. Even if it means just sitting in my living room talking about the past semester. Love. Them.
  • Australia. I never would’ve imagined a year ago that I would’ve spent this summer in the land down under, but I’m so glad that means that I’m not the one in control of my life. I’m so beyond grateful for the people I met there, the lessons I learned there, and the things God is still teaching me because of that time.
  • The other people that I get to do life with–Casie and her family, my senior girls, my roommate, families that I’m blessed to play a part in, and so many other friends that I’m blessed to have. The Lord has really shown me this year how important relationships are and how blessed I am to have the people in my life that I do.
  • The opportunity to go to college (thanks Mom and Dad). I’ve been working in retail for the past three-ish weeks just for the holidays, and it has made me SO extremely thankful that I’m not going into that for the rest of my life. Even when I complain about classes or professors, I need to remember how blessed I am.
  • Technology. I’m constantly amazed at how cool technology is. I mean, who would’ve thought that I could call my friends 10,000 miles away and it only cost $.88 or even Skype and it cost NOTHING. I’m so glad that I get to keep up with my sweet Aussies and friends I made in Australia so easily.
  • My church. This year I’ve seen the church in many different ways–as a staff member, as someone going on mission with the support of WBC, and as a regular member (which is weird)–and I’m so grateful that the people of WBC are such Bible believing people and can show me more about Jesus and His love.
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving and every other day for that matter?

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