i love weekends.

This weekend was probably one of the best weekends I’ve had this semester. Let’s just say any weekend that I get to spend time with my BFFS makes for a fabulous weekend. And I got to spend time with two of them and talk to another this weekend. I. Love. Weekends.
The weekend started off with sleeping in, then meeting up with Chelsea at Target. While there, Hannah met us, and we talked about all sorts of wedding stuff and other things. I love how we don’t need anything big to be with each other; we can literally just stroll the aisles of Target and catch up on life. Ahh, they’re truly something special.
I spent some time with Jack and Joe that night, and then Saturday morning Chelsea and I headed downtown to go bridesmaid dress shopping with Hannah and some of the other bridesmaids. The dress is really pretty, is super comfortable, and has pockets. Any dress with pockets is a win to me! It was so fun to spend this time with Hannah and some of the other bridesmaids, and it made this whole thing seem real to me! I cannot wait for J & H’s special day 🙂
Saturday was also my Mom’s birthday, so we spent the evening together, and it was a good day celebrating my sweet mom! Sunday was another just good day, and today and tomorrow are my fall break. So, I’m loving this time off of school, getting things done and wrapping some of my Christmas presents…is it bad that I’m already halfway done with my Christmas shopping list and it’s not even November? Oh well 🙂
Apparently taking pictures on an iPhone is too much for my dad…yay for blurry pictures.
This is how we feel after taking so many blurry pictures 🙂
4 pieces of mail from WBC in one day…think I’m involved at my church at all?
favorite boys in the entire world 🙂
I guess that’s one way to drink your milk 🙂
Bridesmaid shenanigans! SO. MUCH. FUN.
So excited that this comes out tomorrow!!!!

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