october ramblings

So, to me October means a lot of things. Football, fall, chili, fun decorations, colder weather, more money spent at Starbucks, my mom’s birthday, etc. And the past few days, Augusta has actually felt like fall. I love it. However, I know that living in Georgia means in can be 60 one day and 90 the next. I’m not really looking forward to the non-fallish days.
October also tends to mean midterms. This week is midterm/project week for me. I AM SO READY TO BE DONE. Midterm week also requires a little procrastination, therefore a post about life these past few days seems to be the perfect way to procrastinate for a few minutes.
I hung out with this sweet girl the other day. How cute is she?
The beaver strikes again…I have to say this was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a while. And how stinkin cute is Harris in his Spiderman costume?
Got to see the best friend! And I just realized we’re wearing the same shoes.
The beaver goes to Sonic!
Please. Stop. Growing. Up. So. Fast.
So, last Thursday, I went to class, watched Jack and Joe for 3+ hours, went back to class, and then came back to watch Jack and Joe for another 4-5 hours (some while they were asleep). This picture pretty much sums up our day. Lots of screaming, but LOTS of fun 🙂
Gross, I know, but my broken/sprained/really badly bruised toe. Of course this happens right when I want to start wearing boots and cute fall shoes but I can’t because it hurts too bad!
This candle from Bath and Body Works just SCREAMS fall. I absolutely love it. Go, do yourself a favor, and buy one of these. You’ll LOVE it.
These are my most favorite recent snack. So, so, so good.
And a few of my most recent favorite pins…



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