i’m pumped…


It’s homecoming season, and that always manages to bring some of my bffssssss home. I seriously cannot WAIT to see these people. Unfortunately, things like home football games and sorority shenanigans will keep some of them away, but I do know that I’ll be seeing at least these three…

…and hopefully some more. If not, the four of us will rock the legacy of the class of 2010, and we’ll probably do something very anti-climatic afterwards like going to Waffle House or Sonic to catch up. We honestly don’t require a lot to be entertained–just each other (how cheesy is that?!).
SO SO SO SO SO excited. Seriously.
Oh, and tomorrow is this girl’s 21st…
since it is homecoming weekend, i figured i’d throw up the picture of our first homecoming as alum
Happy Birthday, Hannah! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day, and I wish I could be with you to celebrate. I’m so looking forward to this year and all that the Lord has in store for you! Love, love, love, love you!

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