Paw Paw

10 years ago today, my sweet Paw Paw, the world’s greatest grandpa, left this earth. Even though I only had him here for 10 years, they were 10 wonderful years. I definitely didn’t fully appreciate him until after he was gone–funny how that always manages to happen. But, I’m so grateful for the man that he was, the hard worker that he was, and the loving grandpa that he was, even if he showed his love in ways different than those around him.
I’m the only grandchild on this side of the family, and I will one-thousand percent admit that I was completely spoiled from both my grandpa and grandma. My grandpa wasn’t the softest man in the world, but I’m told I was one of the only things that made him smile. 🙂 Let’s just say we had a very special relationship, and I still miss him lots.
I decided to take a walk down memory lane and look at pictures of Paw Paw and me from over the years. There were SO many of my parents that I wanted to post, but I figured if I did, that credit card of theirs that I have would probably be gone and I didn’t want to risk that 🙂
This was one of the things I loved most about my grandpa. We’d ride that “tractor” for HOURS, with me on his lap. My grandparents lived on a huge farm, so he’d let me steer and I absolutely loved it!
Apparently white hats and black and khaki plaid were totally in fashion.
Random fact about Ashton…I had red hair as a baby. No lie.
Christmas 1995
I think this is the first time Paw Paw saw me.
Anybody else remember those awful velvet dresses that everyone loved? I can’t believe my mom let me wear that in public.
The bed-head hair started real early in life.
So, I love this picture for a few reasons. I love how Paw Paw is looking at me, smiling, not at the camera. He has a great smile on his face, which was pretty uncommon. I also LOVE that Christmas sweatshirt I’m wearing. Can I please resurrect that thing and wear it at our Tacky Sweater Party this year? I might win tackiest sweater. Goodness, that thing is awful. 
I’m pretty positive this is the last picture we ever took. What a great man you were, Paw Paw, and I’m glad that your legacy lives on.

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