You don’t really experience summer until…

…you get a really bad sunburn.

And boy, did I get a really bad sunburn this weekend. But, as Chelsea said, it’s the “price of a good weekend”. And it is. I’ll take my awful sunburn for the wonderful weekend that I got to have.

On Friday, I headed to the loveliest village on the plains for one of my seniors to visit Auburn and to spend some time with one of my bestest friends, Caroline. It was also Auburn’s first home game, and we got tickets from one of my dad’s friends from college, which is always a fun experience. We hit up a lot of the local favorites, from Toomer’s Drugstore to Momma G’s and so many more. I do love that town, and it was so good to spend some time with some wonderful people.

Our view…props to Dad’s friend, Johnny, for being awesome and having great seats.
Caroline is the director of Aubie. She’s that cool. And apparently on Saturday she was on TV twice. Yeah, she’s pretty legit 🙂
All decked out in our orange and blue…and the beginning of the burning of the skin.
Fortunately, Auburn won, but it was too close of a game. We went into overtime and won with a field goal. In the words of Johnny, “We stink.” This year is definitely not going to be a repeat of 2010.
We taught Jamie the tradition of rolling Toomer’s Corner.
SO grateful to have this girl in my life.
It’s always fun for me to see some of my worlds collide. Although Caroline is from Augusta, she was already at Auburn when Jamie moved here, so this was the first time they’ve ever hung out. It was so good seeing them hit it off and get along so well!
On the way home, we stopped at an Australian cafe in Atlanta. And I scored myself some of these bad boys. Mmm, so excited to have some Australia back in my life.
In other news….on Saturday, I was sitting in Caroline’s apartment just talking with her and Jamie. My phone rang and I’m calling it my first “big girl phone call”. It was my friend Hannah, my roommate from last year and one of my good friends from high school. The second I saw her name, I knew what this call was about.
I had the privilege of watching Jonathan and Hannah begin dating, round two, around this time last year, and watch them get into a comfortable phase all during the spring of this year. They’ve known each other for years, they even dated back in high school, but this time it was different. Jonathan is graduating from Southern in December, so the two of them are ready for the next step in life. I’m so excited for them, and as surreal and weird as it seems, I can’t wait to help one of my best friends plan her wedding. When did I get old enough to say things like that?
New favorite song…”My Dear” by Bethel Music. Check it out!

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