Oh Hey, September.

It’s officially September. What in the worlds?!?! This year has FLOWN by, and so has the month of August. I’ve been home for just over a month now, and I can barely believe that. As much as I miss Australia, I’m so grateful for all of my sweet people here in Augusta that mean so much to me.
Probably our last swim of the summer!
Got to see this girl…TWO WEEKS EARLY!!
Spent some time at my favorite high school with my favorite curly headed best friend watching their first home football game!
My current favorite picture of this boy!
Sweet Harris!
Mills seemed to be a little more photogenic 🙂
Some of my lovely senior ladies!
Yay for a new bedspread! It’s the little things.
Nacho Mama’s with some more of my seniors!
Brownie making with this boy–so fun 🙂
Happy Labor Day, friends! Enjoy a day of rest and relaxation!

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