Australia Favorites.

Be prepared for a really long post FULL of pictures. These are my favorites I never got to upload while there because I didn’t have my camera cord. So, enjoy “meeting” some people who have definitely stolen pieces of my heart.
The 2012 IMB Australia Team
Sweet Mandy, a Queenslander
Wollongong, New South Wales
Not exactly the same, but still Target 🙂
Downtown Melbourne
View outside of Chairo Christian School
“The dingo ate my baby”
TFoss and I loving our Starbucks! #americans
Maggie and I after a fun day of shopping at Vic Market
Judy and Carol, the sweet grade 1 teacher I worked with—I learned SO much about education from her! What an unexpected blessing!
Oh hey there koala.
View from Echo Point, a few kilometers down the road from Pakenham
Smith’s Beach, Phillip Island
Chloe, Maggie, and I enjoying our first footy! Go Richmond!
My lovely Foster family. Miss these people heaps.
Judy and Willem with Maggie and I. Our adopted parents for the summer/winter.
“Photo, photo!”
The Sydney Harbour Bridge
TFoss and I and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. No big deal.
1 North Carolinian + 1 Oklahoman + 2 Louisianans = some really great friends for this Georgian.
Lauren and I in Katherine, NT.
Kalkaringi River
The Americans (Christa, myself, and Maggie) on July 4th.
Sweet Annette, in Lajamanu, NT.
Lauren and I in Darwin.
Local Aboriginal artwork in Lajamanu.
Darwin, NT

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