I Went to the Outback!

Most Aussies have never been to the Outback, so when I found that out, I knew that my time in the Outback would be something very special, although I was hesitant about the living conditions. But, no fear, I got to shower everyday, and I always used a toilet while going to the bathroom. All was well 🙂

We got to the Outback on Wednesday, July 4th, and we came back to Pakenham on Saturday. With travel and everything, we were there just under two weeks. It really FLEW by. While each day was packed to the brim and full on, it was so rewarding. We worked in two different communities, putting on VBS for three days. Each community was different but we learned a lot from each.

The Aborigines are very relational people. They are all about making relationships with people and maintaining good relationships with each other. Australia in general is a laid back nation (so opposite to America), but the Aborigines are beyond laid back. I don’t even know how to explain it. They are just so laid back and all about hanging out with each other. It was such a great opportunity to experience that.

I have made lots of relationships while in Australia that I will cherish forever. One of these relationships was strengthened while I was in the Outback. This was my relationship with my friend Lauren (pictured below). She is the youth pastor’s daughter, and I stayed with her and her family a week and a half before we left for the Outback. She is such a blessing, and I’m so glad I have this great friend! (Mary Beth, if you’re reading this, she’s a lot like you, minus your sarcasm :).

It was so warm in the Northern Territory that I did not want to come back to cold, wet Melbourne. However, the friendships and the relationships that I have made here are so worth the cold 🙂 I cannot believe that in two weeks, I’ll be headed back to the States. Maggie and I are already making plans to come back to Pakenham next year! It’s going to be a bittersweet return. I’m ready to see my family and friends and not live out of a suitcase anymore, but I’m dreading saying goodbye to these sweet people.
Please pray that I will give it my all every single day that I have left. Please pray for the relationships that I have made, that they will continue to grow. Also, please pray for a sweet lady in the church that is waiting for a test result. Pray for my return back to the States, that it will be an easy one. One more…pray that I will find a job when I get back home.
Love from Down Under! Next post will probably be from in the States!

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