Halfway Mark!

Monday marked one month of being in Australia! I cannot believe that I have been here for one month already, and I cannot believe that I only have one month left. While I know that my mom is more than looking forward to having me home, and while I am missing home and some of its comforts (mainly food and a clothes dryer), I’m really going to miss this place. Not just this place, the people. I have made some extremely valuable relationships that I never imagined I could have on this side of the world. I have truly gained a whole other family here in Pakenham, and I am going to miss them a lot. Okay, enough sad stuff….

First order of business…I left my camera cord in Augusta. Sad, sad day. So, unless I take a picture with my iPhone or use someone else’s, I won’t be uploading any pictures in this hemisphere. However, look for HEAPS of them when I get back (trying to use the Aussie lingo as much as possible).

Last week was crazy busy. I moved for the third time and then again for the fourth. Last week I stayed with a really lovely lady. She’s a widow, and she lives about twenty minutes out of Pakenham, in a nearby city called Berwick (pronounced Ber-ick, the w is silent). I enjoyed my time with her, however I wasn’t there much because of the busy week I had. We had a meeting about our trip to the Outback, tea (dinner) with a sweet family, Cinderella showing which was put on by one of the schools we help at, and much more!

This week has also been busy. I’m staying with the youth pastor and his wife, Peter and Julie, and their kids, Lauren and Tim. I really love this family. Julie is such a blessing, and having that mom figure means a lot to me, especially when I’m 10,000 miles away from mine! Lauren is my age, and she and I have really clicked. We both love Coke, and we both really like the show Friends. We haven’t had a lot of time to hang out together this week because of our busy schedules, but she’s going on our Outback trip so I’m looking forward to getting to know her better.

Maggie and I went into Melbourne last Saturday to see our friend Taylor who is working at a church on the other side of the city. I borrowed a few of her pictures, so here they are:

Flinders Street Train Station…I think this is just one of the most beautiful stations! We go and come from here each time we come into the city, and I always enjoy looking at it.
As Taylor wrote on Facebook…”reunited and it feels SO good!”
Taylor and I enjoying some Starbucks!
(I have no idea what’s going on with my smile in this picture)
That’s pretty much all that’s been going on in Pakenham! We head to the Northern Territory (the Outback) next week, so please be praying for that…if you know me well, you know I don’t do the outdoors all that well! 🙂

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