Quick Update!

Hello friends!
So sorry I haven’t updated this like I promised…one difference about the land down under is that internet is not as common/available as back home. There’s no Panera to just chill at and use their free wifi. I’m actually at a home right now that doesn’t have wifi…I know this sounds ridiculous but I’m so used to having wifi or at least 3G on my phone that it’s weird not to have it! I looked ridiculous yesterday at the mall because it was the first time I had wifi on my phone in over 2 weeks, and I was quickly sucked back in! Pathetic!
I have come to really love this town. Pakenham is so different than any place I’ve ever been to, but it is definitely starting to feel like home. I don’t think I could drive here anytime soon, but it’s still a great place ๐Ÿ™‚
I’m staying with the most ADORABLE family this week! After being spoiled with Maggie for the past ten days at a home where it was just the two of us with a sweet couple who are definitely our surrogate parents for the summer, I was a bit nervous to head into a home with two little kids. But I just adore these people. I don’t want to leave them on Sunday! They have two little girls, Phoebe, 6, and Jemima, 4. They are so cute. I want to take them home with me. Seriously!
Besides coloring and playing with miniature tea sets, I stay pretty busy ๐Ÿ™‚ Mondays we spend the morning at the church doing random jobs, and then in the afternoon we head to a local food bank to help out in various ways. Tuesdays are our days off. Wednesdays we do a “brekky” (breakfast) club at a local primary school, then we spend the rest of the day at that school. On Wednesday nights, we have a young adult Bible study. Thursdays we go to a Christian school and help out (this might just be my favorite day), and Fridays are spent doing brekky club, more office work at the church, and youth group that night. Saturdays are our other days off/tourist days…this Saturday I’m going to a sanctuary that has only Aussie animals there! And Sundays are spent at the church, changing homes, etc.
Well, that’s about all for now! I’ve got to go do some coloring or something like that ๐Ÿ™‚


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