First Week in Australia Recap

Last Saturday after dealing with a fever and sickness all through the night, I said goodbye to a super sweet group of friends (which I have a good picture of but I’m not on my computer updating this therefore no picture), and headed to the airport with my parents, not really knowing what to expect. Thankfully, check-in and security were a breeze, and my parents even got to go back to my gate with me! I was glad because I couldn’t imagine saying goodbye then sitting for three hours waiting on my plane. Eventually, though, I said “see ya later”, and headed to L.A. I made it to L.A., found my team (whom I love and really miss), and we boarded the biggest jet I’ve ever seen to make our 14 hours trek to Sydney.

We arrived in Sydney at 6:15 Monday morning, so we missed part of Sunday? I’m not really sure. The whole time change thing confuses me. We met up with our contacts, Mark and Karen, and another friend of theirs, Mandy. I love the three of them SO much! They are great, godly, and being with them just felt like I was at home. Our team consists of five people–four girls and one guy. We bonded so well and so quickly over the two days we were in Sydney. I’m with one girl here in Pakenham, but I miss the other three, as well as Mark, Karen, and Mandy a LOT!

While in Sydney, we did a lot of training, orientation, and we absorbed a lot of information. I didn’t really feel like we were in Australia because only Mandy has an accent! We were kept in this little “bubble” in a way, which was great to “transition” into the country. On Tuesday afternoon, we headed out to Wollongong, where we went to the beach and enjoyed the city. Wednesday morning, we packed up and headed back to the Sydney airport so we could all spread out for the rest of the summer. Maggie (my ministry partner for the summer), Taylor (another girl who is in a suburb of Melbourne as well), and I said “see ya later” to our team first and got on the plane to Melbourne, pronounce here “Mel-bun”.

So, I’ve been in Melbourne since Wednesday afternoon, and it has been a whirlwind in those past few days. Maggie and I were given our schedules for the summer, and then she stayed at one home and I was taken to another. We had tea (dinner) with the youth pastor and his family, and then had a Bible study with the older youth on Wednesday night. Thursday, Maggie and I headed to a local Christian school for the day, and while there, Maggie’s host (who is a special needs teacher at the school) got a call that the two of the kids of the house I was staying at got sick so I’d be moving in with them! To say I feel nomadic would be a little bit of an understatement…ha!

We’ve been very busy ever since we touched down on Monday, so I opted out of an “excursion” for the day and am just enjoying some time to rest. I’m realizing that I’m much more of a homebody than I would have labeled myself. I really love being home, and not only that, I love being with my parents. While I know that God has definitely called me here, it has been hard these past few days to see why I’m here. So, prayer warriors, please pray that I’ll be myself and show the Aussies the love of Christ. Also pray that I can “move past” my homesickness and work each day for the glory of God.

A few Aussie things:
-the homes are different; I’m not sure how to describe it, besides the master bedroom being at the front of the house and the toilet being in a separate room from the shower, sink, and tub, but they are.
-“I sit the test”=I took the test
-Everyone has tea with everything and they have tea multiple times a day (and not our Southern sweet tea)
-it is COLD!!!!! I didn’t think I’d miss that Georgia humidity but I do!

Love from Down Under!


4 thoughts on “First Week in Australia Recap

  1. You can do it, girl! These are the kinds of experiences that teach us so much about who we are, who we love and how much we love them 🙂 and how Big our God is! I checked on the Edge yesterday and it is the same, Grant is still smiley and loud, your mom and dad are still cute and church is still there… will be till you get home.
    “Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid, for the Lord your God is with you WHEREVER you go” Joshua 1:9

  2. I think my host home is less Aussie than normal…their bathroom is the whole package (shower, toilet, etc.). And the master is allllll the way in the back of the house. And it's a tiny house.

  3. Thank you so much for your encouragement! You and Jamie mean alot to Ashton and your words will be lifting her up.

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