I’m Here!!

Hello family and friends from Australia!
I’ve been in Sydney since 6:15 this (Monday) morning (that’s about 4:15 in the afternoon on Sunday Augusta time). It was quite the journey getting here. Let’s just say a stomach bug + a 102 fever the night before my flight was NO FUN. But, Satan didn’t win this game and this gal got to Australia!
I’m killing some time before dinner…I’m so desperately wanting to go to bed but I’ve made it this far that I can’t ruin it now!
We’re staying at this Christian camp about an hour outside of Sydney while we do our orientation. It’s so beautiful…we just saw some kangaroos!
I LOVE my team and our leaders. Everyone is SO fun, but not just that, they are FULL of the Holy Spirit and are each actively seeking the Lord. They have been SUCH a blessing so far.
Well, that’s about all for now! Please keep praying for me, especially during the time difference thing. This girl NEEDS her 8 hours of sleep every night!


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