Dear Hannah,

For the past ten months or so, we’ve been roommates. Well, not really roommates, but “housemates”. We’ve had a pretty good set up–our own rooms and bathrooms, something that I’m sure we wouldn’t have survived this time together if we hadn’t had those.

I couldn’t have picked a better first roommate. We know each other so well that living together wasn’t a struggle. I thought about it the other day…we’ve known each other since kindergarten. We’ve been friends for FIFTEEN years. Is that really possible?!
We’ve been through a LOT together. I’ll always remember those talks we had in my car during our sophomore and junior years of high school. You’ve always been one to give me solid, godly advice, and I’m oh so thankful for that. I couldn’t imagine walking through some of the things I did without you.
Questions like: “What time is it?” and “What’s my next class?” were frequent questions you asked allllll through middle and high school, but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 Having so many of the same classes during middle and high school was so fun; no one else will ever understand my odd habit of writing my name over and over again in class like you do.
We share some of the best friends we could ever ask for, and I’m grateful that the two of us have such a great group of friends. However, no one will have the bond that you and I have from the time we lived together. Our friendship has grown and been stretched in these past ten months, and I’m glad the Lord gave us this time together.
I’ll probably never have another gluten-free, marathon-runner, coffee lover, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups binge eater roommate. You’ll probably never have another OCD, dish-washing hater, lemon lover, and not so nice in the morning roommate either. I am glad that we share a love of Rice Krispies, although it was probably a good thing I didn’t make those as often as I could have!
Hannah, I’m so grateful for your friendship! I’ve so enjoyed living with you this past year, and I’m going to miss you a lot. I’m so excited for you and what the Lord’s going to do through you this next year. Know without a doubt I’ll plan your wedding when that day comes!

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