end of the semester!

I had ALL intention of posting this post last Monday, but I never finished it…so, two weekends + one week all in one random end of the semester recap!
Classes ended this past Wednesday, finals for me are next week, and the end is in sight! Also, three weeks from today I’ll be hopping on a plane, headed to Australia! I cannot believe that it’s almost here.
Last weekend, Maggie was in Beauty and the Beast at ACS. I went to the play with Maggie’s sweet momma, Mrs. Leslie, and had so fun watching Maggie do her thing! It was one of the best shows ACS has put on in a loooong time!
Current favorite song.
Check out The Lumineers.
For my education class, I have to observe in an elementary class for 20 hours over the course of the semester. The class I was assigned to was a K5 class, and I really enjoyed observing them! They made me this precious “goodbye” book, and it made me smile so much!
Hung out with these girls last night…sleepovers at my house are always a BLAST…especially with these three 🙂
Caroline and I both LOVE lemons, just one of the many reasons why we’re going to be great roommates 🙂
I bought a bag of them last night, and to quote Jamie: “We all got our lemon swag on!”
Love this…we are the APPLE of HIS eye!!
Wednesday was Senior night…unfortunately one of my last Wednesday nights with the high schoolers!
Spent some time the other day writing notes to my favorite co-workers. Boy, am I going to miss them!!
Filled my backseat with pizza last weekend for dinner for our mission trip training…and yes, my car STILL smells like pizza 😦
Micah brought Harris and Millie Kate to watch the drama (shown below) last weekend at their practice. Harris kept this face the entire time; Mills just wanted to join in!
Loved watching them practice…this is the same drama that I took place in two years ago when I went to Panama. It was cool to see how God has grown the group and multiplied it! When I went, we had just a little over 20 people; now they have close to 40 people going and can split into two groups, which makes for more ministry to be done!
Hope you’re having a great Saturday, friends!

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