the past few weeks, according to my iPhone

love, love, love this verse.
love, love, love how the Lord is teaching me about WAITING these days!
A few of us went to a Greenjackets game a couple of weekends ago//so fun!
journal//discipleship book//latest by a favorite author//recommended by a friend
Chaco love at church!
Caroline & I went to Carowinds last weekend with my parents//it was family day at the park for my aunt’s company!
Funny story: we’re in line and a group of college athletes are in front of us. One asks my dad if she can take a picture with him because he looks like Garth Brooks! That’s definitely never happened before 🙂
more waiting 🙂
if there’s one thing my group of friends here in augusta is known for, it would be for the pranks we do. (is that bad?!) these are just TWO of the five or so that have taken place in the past week and a half. yeah, a war’s going on for sure!
Augusta State is merging with the local medical school, Georgia Health Sciences University, and we’ll all be one BIG school (no one’s real thrilled about this). ASU students get e-mails from GHSU’s president quite frequently now. This latest one was about the name of the new school. So glad to know I won’t be attending “the James Brown Downtown College of Good Knowledge” in the fall (seriously?!).
Hope you’re having a fabulous week! Summer’s almost here!

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