You’ve Got Mail

One of the things I enjoy the most is getting mail. Seriously, if I’m home in the morning, I constantly catch myself looking out the window to see if the mailman is driving by. I’m always anxious as I walk out down the drive to my mailbox to see what’s in it! But, one of the things I enjoy more than getting mail is sending mail. I have a box FULL of cards that I use pretty frequently, and I’m constantly looking for cute stationary.

I ordered these from Erin Condren back in the fall, with my name obviously.
I really like them, but Erin Condren is sooo expensive.
I’ve been reading Leah’s blog for a while now, and I really enjoy her stories about her fun life! She has an Etsy site, called Leah’s HandMade and you’ve got to check it out! She creates super cute things, and she does custom orders! When I saw some monogrammed stationary that she made, I just knew I had to e-mail her and get her to do some for me!
Isn’t this SOOO cute?!?!
These cards will flip, which are a little different from my Erin Condren ones, but I really like them!
Be on the lookout for one of these cute cards from me once I get them! And go check out Leah’s stuff!!!

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