I love any time off of school, (who doesn’t?), so I’d been looking forward to a this week for a while. For Augustans, Spring Break is a little different than anyone else’s. The Masters golf tournament takes place during the first full week of April, so that is when we take our spring break. Our whole town becomes the host of one of the greatest events in the sports world, and if you’re a local, you get to sit back and watch everyone gush over this little town.

I’m not much of a golf fan, I’ve never been to the Masters (I wouldn’t mind going one day though), and I don’t really like the extra traffic that comes with this week. I typically try and head out of town if I can, which I did for the latter half of the week. However, I did enjoy some time with friends and such before leaving town.

My mom works for FCA, and they, along with my church, host a golf breakfast every year on the Tuesday of Masters’ week. They have a golfer come and speak, and almost 1,000 people get to hear the Gospel presented. This year, our speaker was golfer Aaron Baddeley, from Australia (thought that was pretty cool 🙂 ), and Mom let me meet him 🙂 He was a GREAT speaker, and he BOLDLY proclaimed the message of Christ. My favorite line was this: “God with rather watch His son die than not be able to spend eternity with us…”
I read this the first weekend of spring break. So good, like all of Karen Kingsbury’s books.
Celebrated my Dad’s birthday the first Friday of spring break!
Hung out with these cute kiddos the first day of my spring break 🙂
I went to Alabama the latter half of the week to visit my BM’s parents. On the way there, I had lunch with an old friend in Atlanta, and I decided to take the scenic route to my grandparents’ house. I drove through Sewanee, the University of the South, in the mountains of Tennessee, and Chattanooga. It was SO pretty. I may or may not want to move there one day 🙂
Tennessee River.
Barn on my grandparents’ property.
All in all, it was a great spring break. I enjoyed some time with my BD, his wife, and some friends during the beginning of the week when they came here to go to the Masters. I really enjoyed the peacefulness of staying with my grandparents for a few days in the country. Ending the week with Easter Sunday tomorrow is perfection! (Oh, if you’re a local and not at church at 11 AM tomorrow, check out WBC on WRDW, News Channel 12. It’s our first Sunday on TV! Or check us out on the web.)
Listened to Mystery, by Charlie Hall on the way home today. Perfect for Easter Sunday. My favorite part: “Celebrate His death and rising, lift your eyes, proclaim His coming!” So grateful we serve a RISEN King!

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