70 Days!

I’ll be in this pretty place in just 70 days!! I go to Sydney for two days before I head to Pakenham, so I hope to get to see this pretty place (the Sydney Opera House). I’m so excited that I’ll be in Australia this summer; I seriously cannot wait!

On another note, life has been pretty crazy the past three weeks. My boss was out of the country for almost two weeks, and I was the “woman in charge” of our high school ministry. It wasn’t too crazy, but I’m really glad my boss is back in town 🙂 Today, we had a mega yard sale to benefit our summer camp, and it was so cool to see God work! We raised LOTS of money, and I even got a few good deals. When we opened the doors this morning, we almost got trampled by all the people and a friend and I said we felt like it was Black Friday! Ha! It feels good to be done with that event, and hopefully we can get our student building back to normal soon 🙂

My spring break plans are set! My spring break is later than pretty much everyone else’s due to the Masters Tournament being the first full week in April. So, there’s no way I can really do anything with any of my close friends, so I’m making the week be full of family. My BD, his wife, and some of their friends are coming into town the first part of the week to go to the Masters, so I’ll be spending a lot of time with them. I haven’t seen them since September, so I’m really excited to see them! At the end of the week, I’m heading to Huntsville to see my BM’s parents. I haven’t seen them since Christmas 2010, so I’m really excited to see them as well! It will be good to spend time with family before I head to Australia since I won’t have time this summer.

In the last week, I’ve gotten to see all of my best friends! Panera with Mary Beth, working out/hanging out with Chelsea, and pricing yard sale items with Caroline seriously made my life so much better! I’m so grateful for each of them. Also, if you’ve never worked out with your best friend, do it. Chelsea and I decided it’s so much more fun that way!

I’ll leave you with this verse from Mark…so good!

Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you. – Mark 11:24


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