Thursdays are great days. They really are. For me, 5 o’clock on Thursdays starts my weekend. I had a fantastic week, albeit the fact that my car is in the shop and I’ve been carpooling with my mom this week. Wanna feel like you’re in middle school again? Just have your mom drop you off at college. Yeah, not my proudest moment. I am thankful though that my car is getting fixed (let’s just say a windy day + a basketball goal + my car + DNOW weekend = an ugly scratch (plus some) on the roof of my car) and that my mom has a flexible schedule to where we can carpool this week.Florida was fantastic! It was a MUCH needed time out of Augusta to get refreshed and to spend time with family. We got to Florida late Thursday night, and as we were bringing luggage in and getting settled in, my mom came out of the spare room holding a big quilt. I had completely forgotten that my aunt was making me a t-shirt quilt, and I was SO excited when I saw it. She’s the greatest!

We spent a lot of time shopping while in Florida. Ikea was one place on our list, as well as Sawgrass Mills Mall, which is about 3 miles of outlet stores. How great is that?! We got great deals at both places, and I was completely satisfied. Then, my aunt told us about a new shopping center she wanted to take us to. So, my mom, aunt, and I took a little quick trip to this place. It’s one of those outdoor shopping centers, and we spent our time at one end at four great stores. West Elm. Pottery Barn. Crate & Barrel. The Container Store. It was so fun, and again we made some great purchases.

I went and saw the movie October Baby tonight with my parents. It was a showing before the movie comes out in March, and it was SO good. Watch the trailer below. You don’t want to miss out on this movie!

I’m grateful today for the people in my life who get me and who love me because they can not because I deserve their love. A few phone calls with Chelsea (check out her new blog), text conversations with sweet godly older women, and a few quick texts from high school friends have made my week so much better! I’m looking forward to getting a lot done this weekend–Australia stuff, homework, and hanging out with sweet people. I also “met” my teammate for Australia this summer via facebook and some of my Australian contacts. I’m so excited to see what God does in and through all of us this summer!
I’ll leave you with this great song…you know I really like Ben Rector 🙂

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