life through the blackberry…

…is not near as fun as life through the iPhone.

Exhibit A:

taken with Chelsea’s iPhone
My favorite junior girls!
taken with my BlackBerry
Happy Birthday, Jamie!
oh well, life is still happening through my BlackBerry, so here are a few picture updates of the past few weeks!
one night at Passion
see all those lights? yeah, that’s cell phones.
Passion 2012
downtown ATL
view out of our hotel room
rise up!
birthday lunch with Jack + Joe + Casie was the BEST!
p.s. Jack called me on my actual birthday to say happy birthday. made my day.
p.p.s. i miss seeing him, Joe, and Casie every Monday/Wednesday like i did last semester.
p.p.p.s. i can’t wait to see all three of them this coming Friday!
for like two weeks, this gas station showed that gas was nine-tenths of a penny for unleaded.
i really wish that was true.
(side note: i took this while at a stop light, not while driving).
my dad got this for me the other day! YAY!
p.s. it’s official, i’ll be headed “down unda” in MAY!!!!! so grateful for the Lord’s provision!

One thought on “life through the blackberry…

  1. Don’t lose the love you have for your BB, Ash! The camera is just one feature, after all. When it comes to availability, BB phones are better since you can use them with almost every carrier in the world. So no major problems when planning on going overseas, even for a short vacation. 😉

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