Before I post about Passion 2012 (which was BEYOND awesome), I wanna post about a few things that I’m grateful for. This week, I’ve been reminded about some of these things, and I just need to write them down so that I can be reminded of them during other times in my life.

I’m grateful for…this girl. If you had asked me during my junior year of high school if I thought that Chelsea would be one of my best friends in college, despite the fact that we went to different colleges, I would have told you that you were crazy. Chelsea and I were best friends during our freshman and sophomore years of high school. Junior year, yeah, not so much. We had this huge argument (about what, I can’t really remember anymore), and our friendship went sour. Anyway, thanks be to the Lord, we became best friends again during our senior year of high school, and we’ve only gotten closer since then.

This week, Chelsea has been what she always is to me—-an incredible source of encouragement and great sister in the Lord. I’m so thankful and grateful for her. That even while I’m going through some TOUGH stuff, she still gets me. She listens, she gives godly advice, and most of all, she prays for me. I really don’t know where I’d be (especially in the past few days) without her.
I’m also grateful for the fact that my carpet is getting cleaned tomorrow (thanks Mom and Dad)! Upon moving furniture in the living and dining room, I decided to declare this week “Spring Winter Cleaning Week”. It’s like 70 degrees outside, so it feels like it’s spring cleaning. I really want to start this semester off with a clean house!
I’m grateful for…some time I got to spend with Pops’ family today. I brought dinner to them, and while I expected to bless them, they blessed me so much more! I shouldn’t be surprised, they are related to Pops, so it’s no wonder they act the way they do! They were beyond sweet to me, and I was so blessed!
I’m really grateful for the things the Lord taught me at Passion! I can’t wait to see what He does in and through me! Happy second week of 2012!

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