2011 Recap Part 3 [Final One]

2011 was a good year. Not great, but God is still faithful, and it was still good. Lots of changes were thrown at me, and honestly, if I told you how I thought 2011 was going to be it would be a lot different than it turned out.

A few of my favorite highlights of the year…

Cruise in February!
DNOW in March!
First Boot Pic….A Whole NEW Summer!
Spent many days/nights with him and his brother.
I love being Ash Ash!
Caroline comes home from kamp in Missouri!
Couldn’t have gotten through the summer without her letters!
Last summer event before Drew headed off to Statesboro for school.
Joe is born in March!
KENTUCKY in September!
Catching up during the middle of the semester!!
My first event as a high school intern—corn maze in Louisville, GA!
Grateful for these friends!
Auburn in November!
Thanksgiving Break brings everyone home!
Third Annual Christmas Party!
Happy 2012 friends!

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