2011 Recap Part 2

The next part of my 2011 post…

I try to go out of town at least once every month each year. I succeeded in that this year.

January: Atlanta for Passion 2011 (So excited that I’ll be there tomorrow for Passion 2012!)

February: Miami, Key West, and Nassau for a cruise with Leah and our families! My family also got to see my mom’s side of the family which was also great!
Atlantis, the famous resort in Nassau, the Bahamas
with my cousin Renee who lives in Key West
with my mom’s best friend and sister, Aunt Lisa, in Miami
March: Hillsong United Concert in Atlanta! One of the best nights of worship I’ve ever experienced!
April: At the beginning of the month, I headed to Athens for breakfast with my friend Mollie Kate, and I went up to Commerce to do some shopping. It was great to see her and get out of Augusta for a day. At the end of the month, I went to Asheville for CPR training for camp. Another great day out of Augusta! I so love Asheville!
May: So I didn’t get too far out of Augusta for the month of May, but I’m counting it as out of Augusta because I was in South Carolina and I was in a different zip code than I normally am. My great group of friends from ACS headed to the lake for the day! It was a perfect summer day with some of the best friends ever!
June: I headed to camp in Asheville! We all know how that ended, but I did go to Asheville for three days, so I did get out of town that month!
July: I went to Atlanta with the high school to go rock climbing and to watch a Braves’ game. It was SO much fun, and surprisingly it wasn’t too hot!
August: Hilton Head with the family! Oh, it was SO good to get away for a few days and spend some time with my parents. I do love HHI, and I really enjoyed bike riding that week. On my way back, I made a pit stop in Statesboro to see Chelsea and it was great!
September: KENTUCKY! I headed up with Chelsea to see my BD get married. A little crazy, but a great weekend.
my crazy Uncle Johnny
October: My last middle school event for a while. I headed to Crowders Mountain State Park in North Carolina with the eighth graders for a retreat. It was fun but LONG! The pictures from that weekend don’t need to be shown again 🙂
November: I headed to the great state of Alabama with my dad to watch Auburn play! I got to spend some time with Caroline, and it was a GREAT weekend!
one of the most beautiful places in the world
(oh, and war eagle! they won the Chickfila Bowl last night!)
December: West Virginia for ski trip with the high school!
i love snow 🙂

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