last day as a teenager!

although i consider turning 18 to be an official “adult”, eighteen and nineteen still have the word “teen” in them. after tonight, i’m going to be out of those “teen” years. it’s a weird feeling—knowing that i’m going to be 20. i plan to bring in the new year—and my birthday—with some of my favorite people at Chelsea’s house. one of my favorite traditions i have to say 🙂

christmas was great! i love the one tradition that my family has—christmas eve with my dad’s cousins that live in augusta. we all get together, eat too much, and laugh until our sides hurt (and then some)! this year, we had it at my parents’ house (which hasn’t happened in a while), and it was great. i love them (and the crazy games my mom makes us play).

on monday, the day after christmas, chelsea and kayla helped me take down all my decorations. it was really quite sad. my house was so pretty with all my stuff up, but i know it had to go. i was leaving wednesday for ski retreat, so i had to do it on my last day off this week. we went over to my friend ryan’s house and burned it. it smelled great while burning but awful afterwards. the s’mores made it a little better though 🙂

tuesday, i had lunch with my old d-group—chelsea, caroline, and mrs. connie—three of the greatest people in my life. we went to Manuel’s Bread Cafe over the river in north augusta. it is this cute little french place, and i fell in love. i will for sure be back.

wednesday, i woke up feeling awful and almost didn’t make it on ski retreat. but, i sucked it up and got to the church before they left. ski retreat was great. it really was. minus lots of schedule changes/lodging changes/only a few slopes being opened, it really was an awesome time. one of the moms that went told me that she never saw me stressed once—what a huge compliment! it was crazy having to fix a bunch of things in four-ish hours on the way up there—things that i had been working for almost two months to have just right when we got there. clearly it didn’t happen, but i didn’t freak (like i’ve been known to do) and got the job done.

i had such a good time with these students. i so love doing life with them. i rode most of the way up there in a bus with all boys and all the way home with them. they sang to me every day—songs like “my girl” and “you are my sunshine”. sweet boys 🙂 the girls were great too! they made great game partners, and i enjoyed my conversation with them.

our group picture this morning.
love this crew.
hope everyone has a blessed new year! my first big event of 2012 will be passion!

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