Third Annual Tacky Sweater Party.

Every Christmas, my friends from high school all get together for a tacky sweater party. We exchange gifts (we usually do Secret Santa but this year we did White Elephant and it was a huge success), we eat lots of good food, and we just spend time together. I’m so beyond thankful for these friends, and I’m so glad that even two years after we graduated (which really does blow my mind a bit), we can all hang out and enjoy being with each other.

My good friend/brother/old boss Drew let me borrow his camera for the night, and I’m so glad he did. (I now have the itch to get a good camera!) I used my photo props, and we had a BLAST taking some funny (and good) pictures! There were so many good ones, and here are a few (okay a lot) of them 🙂

my favorite set of cousins
this one makes me laugh a lot 🙂
i so love this one
kissy lips and a mustache….or a hickey and an unibrow
my favorite GT football player!
my favorite Mercer VP of adpi!
The best gift from the night
So, I have this book about WWII in my living room.
It was the item of the evening that everyone “picked on”.
Addison read a few excerpts for us.
I love my friends.
Most of the ladies
Best one of the guys
my favorite picture of the evening!
Twas a great night to get in the Christmas spirit! Merry Christmas, friends!

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