augusta, i love you.

Inspired by my friend Hannah’s post about her love for Athens/Athens Church, I decided to write a post about how much I love Augusta.

Wait, what? Is that what I really just wrote?

Yes. Yes it is. I love Augusta. I really do. I’ve come to realize that more and more over the past year or two. Especially this semester. I love Augusta.

Augusta is one of those places that is great to raise a family. It’s not a college town by any means, and at times, I do wish I lived in a place like Athens or Auburn. But, Augusta really is a great town. Even though there are many times when we say, “What are we going to do tonight?” and get super stumped and end up staying at someone’s house, I do love this place.

I love that I can drive down the road and see many of my parents’ friends’ businesses. I love that there are so many “Moms and Pops” type stores yet there’s still two Targets, super Walmarts, a mall, etc. I love how I can go to Starbucks with someone and see five people I know. I’ve gotten to the point now where I wonder who I’m going to see at places, not try to avoid them (although there are those people I do try and avoid). I love how when planning events everyone involved uses their connections to get a discount on food or balloons or whatever. I love how everyone knows someone who knows Lady Antebellum. I love how I can see teachers from high school or parents of friends from high school driving down the road and it isn’t awkward to wave at them. I love Augusta.

I know, I know, it has it flaws. Like the fact that it’s downtown is awful. Or the fact that the area around the Augusta National is not near as pretty as the Augusta National itself. Or the fact that it can be really boring at times.

But overall, the pros so outweigh the cons. I love Augusta, and I’m so glad that my parents chose to move here back in the 90s. Augusta, thanks for being my city. I so love you.


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