[The] Santa Claus[e].

I never believed in Santa. Never. My parents always told me he wasn’t real, and to my knowledge, I never ruined another child’s belief in Santa. But, I don’t plan on telling my kids about Santa one bit. My cousin posted his on Facebook the other day, and I couldn’t agree more. “I love the Christmas season, but it drives me insane to hear parents talk about what “Santa” is getting for their kids…. So, we celebrate the Savior’s Birth by lying to our children. And by making material goods the focus of the celebration. Hmm….. How is that the Christmas spirit?”

Now, I’m all for some gifts, and I’m all for celebrating Christmas the ENTIRE month of December. But, my cousin is right. Material things aren’t the reason why we, as Christians, celebrate, and lying to your kids about Santa is not the greatest way to celebrate the birth of Christ. 

I don’t like Santa stuff. I just don’t. It’s tacky to me, and it takes away from the meaning of Christmas to me. However, my FAVORITE Christmas movie ever is The Santa Clause. Seriously. I love it. Maybe because of Tim Allen’s great sense of humor? I don’t know why, it’s just that I absolutely love it. I have it on VHS, but who really uses a VHS player anymore? So, it’s coming on ABC Family tonight, and I am SO excited!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?



2 thoughts on “[The] Santa Claus[e].

  1. I agree with everything you said (except I was told about Santa). But too many kids today when I asked why we celebrate “Navidad” said “SANTA!”.
    I get that four year old won't comprehend the magnitude of the birth of Christ but we shouldn't distract them from it.

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