Christmas is in a MONTH!

YAY! I am SO excited for Christmas this year. I think I’m really excited about it because I have my own house that I got to decorate and because of the awesome parties that will take place in this house. But, before I get too carried away with Christmas, I need to write about Thanksgiving.

I really didn’t think this Thanksgiving was going to be that eventful. It was our second annual Thanksgiving at Leah’s house, and there weren’t many plans for a crazy Thanksgiving. We got there, took our group picture without too many complications, and then we all spent the rest of the afternoon eating and talking. I was probably a bit upset about the fact that there wasn’t any ham there. (We had a TON of food, two turkeys, and lots of dessert. Yet there was no ham. I was a bit disappointed, yet I’ve learned to be okay with that when none of my family and few of my friends actually like ham.)

Well, the day got a little crazy when Leah’s cousin’s dog got out and half of us went looking for him. (I may or may not have been the reason why he got out.) After knocking on a random neighbor’s door, traipsing through some people’s yards, climbing over some rocks and up a hill, and Leah going under some barbed wire, my dad called to say that the dog was found. I’d say that was a little eventful. Then, we got back to Leah’s house, and what was there? Oh, just her sister and two horses. What did I do? Oh, just rode one in the front yard. No big deal. Check out Leah’s blog to see the pictures!

That night, Leah and I were some of the crazies that took part of the Black Friday shopping. We got some AMAZING deals! Even though we had some really awkward moments, I’d say the night/early morning was a major success. I’ve also come to the conclusion that me + Leah + event will more than likely always end up in us having some sort of crazy story and that we shouldn’t be surprised when it happens.

Back to Christmas…my house is DECORATED! Ah, I love it. I really am enjoying this whole decorating a house thing, especially when it comes to Christmas time. Leah put some pictures up, and hopefully the next time she’s over she can take some more. I’m looking forward to the Christmas parties that are going to take place in my house in the next few weeks! Also, I’m seriously almost done with my Christmas shopping. Thanks, Black Friday Specials! I’ve knocked out four people already, and I’ve made a dent in a few others.

I’m spending the rest of my Thanksgiving break reading this:

and getting really excited for Christmas by pinning things like this:


I really love this picture.
So grateful for these girls!

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