war eagle, hey!

I love Auburn. I know I’ve mentioned it a ton before, but I adore Auburn University, Auburn football, and almost anything orange and blue. The only thing (besides the good Lord Himself) that got me through this week was the fact that I knew I would be headed to Auburn on Saturday. Add in a last minute sleepover with Caroline, and I was really excited about the weekend. The only thing I wasn’t excited about was waking up at 5 so that we could hit the road at 6.

Apparently I was so NOT excited about waking up that early that I didn’t. I was supposed to pick my dad up at 6:15, and at 6:25 he called me and woke me up. Needless to say, we left at 7:15 instead of 6:15. We ended up getting to Auburn around 10:30 their time, and everything worked out great. Headed to Momma Goldberg’s for some delicious nachos for lunch then it was time to head to Jordan Hare Stadium!

Side Note: In this post, I said I was going to cut out sweet tea and coke for the rest of the year. Only water. I was doing fine. I had gotten through my caffeine headaches, and I was good. Until Saturday. I ordered lunch at Momma G’s, and I asked (and paid) for a bottle of water. The manager comes out and says, “Ma’am, I’m sorry but we don’t have any bottles left. And our tap isn’t working either, so there’s no water I can give you. Want a coke?” I was a bit bummed, but I had to drink SOMETHING with those monterrey jack nachos, so I caved. And again, just like that, I’m back for the rest of the year. Oh well. I tried. 

I just love this place.
Look at all that pretty orange and blue.
Auburn wins!
Good day with just my dad 🙂
After the game and some shopping to get some new Auburn things, which you can never have too much of :), my dad dropped me off with Caroline, and I hung out with her for the rest of the day/weekend. I hadn’t seen her since Labor Day weekend, so it was good to spend some time with her. We went to church this morning then ate lunch in Atlanta at Mary Mac’s Tea Room. It was so good. If you love Southern food and you’re in Atlanta, you must check it out!
My two precious friends Leah and Hannah have joined and rejoined the blogger world! I’m excited! Leah’s blog is for her photography-ness, and Hannah’s is for her life and such. I love these girls tons (even though we don’t get to see Hannah all that much) but I’m glad they’re blogging now! Check them out 🙂
Super excited for Thanksgiving break this week, seeing old friends, and lots of good eats!



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