Tuesdays are my LONGEST days at school, but not my longest days during the week (that’s Wednesday). My first class is at 8:30, and my last class is over at 6:10. Ugh. I really don’t like Tuesdays at all.

But, this Tuesday wasn’t too bad. I had an appointment, so I didn’t go to my 11:30 class. Then, I finished my FINAL project for my music class. I’m DONE. Finished. Ah, the feeling is so liberating.

My mom and I went shopping for Christmas decorations yesterday. I’m so excited to get to decorate my house for Christmas! It was pretty successful, although there are still a few things I need to get, like my annual ornament. Every year, I’ve always gotten an ornament (this is definitely a tradition I’ll continue with my family). Usually my ornament somehow says something about that year. So, this year I’m trying to find a house ornament since I moved into my new house this year (props to my mom for that idea).

I saw this at Hobby Lobby tonight.
SERIOUSLY? Are you kidding me, Hobby Lobby?
So dumb.
with Momma Connie last week at the Fall Family Fest at WBC 🙂
Today, I was talking with our Teaching Pastor at church. The man has a LOT of wisdom, and I respect him a lot. He said something that really stuck with me. It was this, “Is your desire for what you want greater than your desire for what someone else needs?” I just thought that was awesome, and I think it can be applied in SO many different relationships.
How cute is this little pumpkin head?
He made it at school yesterday, and this is what I got when I told him to “pose”.
Love. Him.
best friends.
so thankful they’re my people.
Source: etsy.com via Ashton on Pinterest
ACS people, get ready.
This is coming.
Third Annual Christmas Party.
Tonight I watched one of ESPN’s films: Roll Tide/War Eagle. So, so, so incredibly good. Oh my goodness, I love Auburn football. I love the rivalry between the two teams, and I’m glad to be on the Auburn side 🙂 Can’t wait to go to Auburn next weekend with my dad!
Charles Barkley said this on the film (referring to the Cam Newton accusations): “Alabama accusing Auburn of cheating is like Snooki telling Halle Berry she’s ugly. Are you kidding me?” That Charles Barkley. He’s a good man. #wareagle
I think I mentioned that I am just LOVING Ben Rector and his music. I really like his song Hank. I’ll leave you with a few lyrics from that.
when you find yourself alone in times of trouble
reach inside you and above you
there’s nothing He can’t heal 

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