ahhh, November.

November screams to me Thanksgiving and fall. I love it. It finally seems to be getting cold, and the leaves are changing and falling off of trees. I. Love. November. 

This past Sunday, Leah took pictures of my family for our Christmas card. And, my parents need some new pictures of their favorite daughter in their recently renovated house 🙂 Here are a few of my favorites:

coming your way this December!
love my dog.
(and that box!)
if only Lucy were looking at the camera…
I decided to cut out Coke and Sweet Tea for the rest of the year. If you didn’t ready this post from earlier this year (go read it), then let me just remind you that I had planned on only drinking water this year. But after a few mishaps (you really need to read that post), I caved and went back to my Coke. So, when I saw lots of people posting about No Shave November (which I’m not doing; so ridiculously gross that some girls do that), I decided I should give something up for November, which then resulted in me giving up something for the rest of the year. Good idea?
Wrong. I had the worst caffeine headache on Wednesday. I even had to leave work early. I’ve been fine since then, but I’m already looking forward to JANUARY 1st when I can drink Coke again. And the fact that I’ll be TWENTY on that day! So bizarre.
Secret Church was last night. David Platt has such a gift. I am super thankful for that man. Even though it was a loooong night (we didn’t get done until about 2 AM, Eastern time), I was convicted and challenged in many different ways. The Lord used that time to really speak to me. A few of my favorite thoughts from the night:
Jesus never preached a message urging people to make marriage their ultimate priority. He urged people to make Him their ultimate priority. 
To resist the idea of authority and submission is to resist God Himself. 
Where there is persecution, that means God is at work. 
Your spiritual life is primarily what is expressed in your home, not what is expressed at church. 
Orphans are easier to forget until you see their faces and know their names. 
The life that counts is the life that is consumed with the next life. 
Divorce is not good because God will never divorce His people. 
“I must trust Him to make it possible for me to honor Him in my singleness.” – Margaret Clarkston
Remember to set your clocks back an hour! Enjoy your weekend, friends.

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