potato soup and caramel apple spice.

In case you’ve been MIA from the world (just like I’ve been MIA from this blog except for my blog challenge), it’s really beginning to feel like fall! I’m so excited. I had my first Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice last week, potato soup this past weekend for lunch, and I’m thinking chili may be in the lineup of meals sometime this week. I LOVE cold weather, so I’m hoping it’s really here to stay!!

A few weekends ago, we took a group of students to a corn maze about an hour away from Augusta. I had never been, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had a blast! I hung out with a bunch of freshmen girls who were a blast. They made me laugh so much!

I had a blast with Maddie on this trip!
I got to see one of my favorite people ever on Saturday and spend some time with her. Mary Beth is one of my absolute best friends, which is funny because we used to not get along. Now, we’re like two peas in a pod, and I so loved getting to hang out with her! Target + Starbucks + MB = a great Saturday afternoon 🙂
If you’ve never listened to (or even heard of) Ben Rector you need to check him out. There’s even a link on his website where you can go a get some of his music for free. I really, really, really like his music. I’ve listened to his stuff so much in the past 48 hours that one of the songs is in my top played music on iTunes. Seriously, check him out.
Halloween. So tacky. It’s the one holiday I really can’t stand. I’ve never gone trick-or-treating (GASP! AHH!), and somehow I’ve survived 🙂 But, seriously, people decorate their houses in some of the weirdest and nastiest ways. I’m glad today is almost over! We have a big family event at church tonight where the kids can come and play and get a HUGE bag of candy on their way out. I am excited to see some precious kiddos in their cute costumes.
A text conversation between Leah and I the other night:
Me: We should’ve gotten Lady A tickets. (Lady Antebellum played a homecoming show in Augusta on Friday).
Leah: Haha I know I’m kinda sad. Are you going to college group?
Me: No I’m babysitting.
Leah: For someone going to the concert?
Me: Yep. She is going there with a bunch of girlfriends. He is in Jacksonville all weekend for the GA/FL game. They’re almost 40 and they’re cooler than us.
Leah: They do a lot of fun things.
Me: Let’s be that fun when we’re 40.
Leah: We’ve got a bad start.
Me: Haha so true.
Made me laugh SO hard. 🙂
Have a fabulous last day of October, friends! Enjoy the fall weather!

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