Things that make me ha ha ha.

I l-o-v-e laughing. I mean, I just love a good laugh. Who doesn’t? It makes me feel a lot better about myself in any situation, it helps me burn a few more calories, and it helps me have a better and more positive outlook on a lot of things. I hate to say that I don’t laugh enough. I’ve always been the more “serious” one of most of my groups of friends, so I tend to be the one that doesn’t laugh at stuff everyone else finds funny. I’ve been working on this over the past few years, and I think I’ve improved a little bit. Over the past few weeks, I’ve found a bunch of things to be super funny (mostly stuff people said), and I just have to share it with you.

A conversation that took place after Auburn lost to Clemson:

Matt: Um, you know Auburn lost today. Why are you wearing that Auburn shirt?
Me: I believe in Auburn, and I love it! (This is a typical Auburn slogan). 
Matt: What is it, like Jesus?

When I was in Kentucky, I played this game with my cousins. At one point, this box type thing had to be clipped onto my cousin’s pants. He looks at me and says, “Will you clip this to my pants but promise NOT to look at my underwear?” 


This is probably my favorite episode from Parks and Rec.
Modern Family makes me laugh a lot as well, but not as much as Parks and Rec.
While we were driving to Kentucky, we enter into Tennessee. 
Me: Yay, finally Tennessee!
Chelsea: Tennessee is so ugly. 
Two minutes later…
Chelsea: Tennessee is SO pretty! Why can’t Georgia be cool and pretty like this?!
After the wedding, a bunch of people taking lots of pictures:
Uncle Johnny: It looks like a Japanese tourist convention! 

That’s about all. Hope one of these things made you laugh too! 🙂


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